Chuco Town

A few months ago, I slapped some film in my old camera and headed downtown with my husband to take some pictures.  In a year, I won’t be living in El Paso anymore.  As that reality sinks in, I realize just how complicated my feelings are towards this city.  When I first got here, I…

True Crime at a Leisurely Pace.

  Are you a fan of true crime? Who isn’t!  Do you like listening to podcasts while you work on projects? Who doesn’t?  Are you curious about what people from El Paso sound like?  Weird, but okay. . .Well, do I have a podcast for you!

Finished! 1976 Wedding Dress.

I wanted something really fresh and casual for summer, so I made a wedding dress from 1976.  Also, I am a ride-or-die fan of Gunne Sax, in case you can’t tell by the end of this post.

A Flash of Brilliance

I don’t know if I’ve posted this pattern on here before, but I think you can see why it’s one of my favorites.  Have you ever seen anything more 70’s than this? I do have to take a moment to feel sorry for the guys.  In my opinion, the big pattern companies have just never…

Announcement of the Decade(s)

I want to go ahead and share a project that I’ve been working on for a while, and plan to work on in the future.  When I’m sewing or researching for a new project I love to listen to music from the time I’m working in.  Music has always played an important part in my…