First Corset


I made a corset and I’m honestly so proud of myself.  For the longest time, making a corset felt like the ultimate sewing challenge, borderline impossible.  This winter, for whatever reason, I decided it was finally time to tackle it.  If I failed, then at least I knew more about it than I did before and I would know where my upper limits were in sewing.  But after weeks and weeks of hard work and profanity, I have a serviceable corset that is amazingly comfortable.  It is only a matter of time before I scrap it for parts and start over.

I used Butterick B4254 for my pattern, with a few adjustments thrown in for a slightly better fit.  I bought plastic boning by-the-yard, which allows it to be more easily washed.  The busk was purchased on Etsy from BiasBespoke.  It was the best value I found, and I’m planning on going back for any future hardware needs.  I was lucky enough to have enough canvas and muslin lying around from previous projects, so the actual cost of this project was, I think, under $40.

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  1. Your corset looks awesome! I want to tackle corset making myself one day and am super nervous because I know my skills just aren’t there yet when it comes to fitting, etc, but your post is so inspiring! Your corset is beautiful and it looks like it fits very well! You did a wonderful job!


    1. thank you so much! I’m actually going to start making another one soon, it can be surprisingly fun!

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      1. I can’t wait to see your next corset!!! 😀


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