Corset #2 Update


My poor old dress form has a hard time accommodating an S-curve corset, but all I care about is that it’s in one piece.  Once again, I forgot to log how many hours this project is taking, but if I had to guess I’d say these pictures represent about six hours of work, give or take.  One of the nice things about corsets is that the pieces are so small they slap up pretty quick.  Much of the hardware was ordered yesterday and as long as my more pressing responsibilities don’t intrude too much, this thing could be done in the next two weeks, ribbons and all.  I’m setting money aside now for lace and ribbons, though I have no idea what color the ribbon should be.

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  1. I love watching your corset making process! It’s so amazing to see it coming together and I bet it will be beautiful! 🙂

    On the ribbon – are there certain colours you’re trying to choose between? I keep thinking a rose pink or gold would look really pretty.


    1. Rose pink was definitely on the list, but so was sap green and I hadn’t considered gold. Maybe I’ll just do all three!

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      1. Ooh! Sap green! I hadn’t thought of that! All three would look soo gorgeous together!

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