I adore American History, specifically, the space race and the UFO hysteria the sprang up in the early days.  If you know anything about UFOs in America, you know that Roswell started it all.  I love all things kitsch and campy, so I wasn’t disappointed when I drove up to Roswell.

Roswell Museum
The museum has a lot of fantastic miniatures

I wish I had taken more pictures of myself at the museum because I had green hair at the time, it was a look.

Alien Autopsy
DRAMATIC re-enactment of the autopsy allegedly​ carried out after the incident.

In addition to the UFO Museum and Research Library, there is a great history museum that displays the history of Rowell and the very factual rockets launched by Robert Goddard.  There is also an extensive art museum that has a great collection of works by local artists.  I loved the UFO Museum, but I was delightfully surprised by the other two museums.

The Original Rocketman
One of Robert Goddard’s rockets in his workshop.

Roswell is a small charming town in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  It’s hard to express how much nothing there is stretching from horizon to horizon on the way to Roswell.

If you ever get a chance to go to Roswell, check it out, I absolutely loved it.

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  1. Oh WOW!! I didn’t even know that this museum existed! How cool! I’m going to have to show this post to my husband, because he will LOVE it! 🙂 We’re both huge X-Files fans and love this sort of stuff. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this! It must’ve been so much fun going to the museum. 🙂 Also – I wish I could see your green hair!

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