Corset 2 Finished!

I have emerged from beneath my cloud of anxiety (and muttered oaths) with a finished corset.  I’m so happy with it!

I learned a lot, meaning I made a lot of mistakes.  But would you LOOK at that silhouette!  I’m in love with this thing.  It feels like it’s trying to rearrange my internal organs, but its pretty easy to breath in, which was a surprise to me.  Up next will be a chemise and bloomers.  This is all building towards a complete project I hope to have finished by September of next year.  I will have to take a break from sewing if for no other reason than my finger tips have been stabbed and bruised so terribly that I can’t even think about sewing right now.  Corset making is not for the faint of heart or the inexperienced, and I am both of those things.

Hopefully my exultation with actually finishing something will propel me through cleaning up the disaster area that is my sewing table.

For anyone who is curious, the pattern is from Truly Victorian and it was easy enough to use, though it is recommended that you have prior experience.  The sizing worked really well for me, I was very lucky.  I got the busk from Bias Bespoke and the steel from Corset Making, though I strongly suggest you get pre-cut lengths and not try to do it yourself.  I will never ever cut my own corset boning, that was such a waste of time.  All the other bits and pieces were bought from Joann Fabrics with plenty of coupons.  Once again, I forgot to track my hours and expenses, but I’m sure the whole thing cost around $50.  I couldn’t even guess how long it took from start to finish.

I am thinking about doing something from the 40’s or 50’s for the next sewing project, we shall see. . .


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  1. YAY!! It looks GREAT and you did an excellent job on the fit! You must be so thrilled that it’s finished and that everything worked out – I know I am for you! 🙂 I’m super excited to see what you sew next!

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