1955 Life Magazine

I adore ads from the 50’s.  They’re so optimistic.  Every product is life-changing and full of promise.

My current apartment is currently smooshed at the bottom of a building that was built in 1917.  The windows, plumbing, floor, heat, kitchen, and bathroom are all showing their age.  But when I look at these ads, I’m taken by them.  I want to live in the world they portray

WHY have we settled for a world full of stainless steel appliances and grey granite countertops? I suppose coming out of the olive-drab world of post-war America, having colors like this available must have been electrifying.  I remember my Dad telling me about how my grandmother would insist on owning pink everything.  My grandfather fought in two wars and lived in a pink house and drove a pink car for decades.  That’s love for you.

I think I’m going to print out copies of these ads and hang them up around my apartment.  Or I could just go buy some spray paint. . .

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  1. Awww, bless, your grandfather was a sweetheart to put up with all that pink! That’s true love right there. 🙂

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