Breadcrumbs: Keep It To Yourself

Nobody wants to hear about your plans.  If you have nice friends,  they’ll do a pretty good job of feigning interest.  They’ll say stuff like, “Oh wow that sounds cool!” or, “Man, I can’t wait to see that!”.  But they’ll never get to see “that” because you just got what you came for and didn’t even realize it.  They said your idea was cool and you didn’t even have to go through all the work to finish the piece.  You didn’t have to go through the disappointment of realizing whats on the paper in front of you isn’t exactly what you saw in your head, but you got that validation anyway.  As discussed in the social media screed, what makes a lot of that content so effective was the fact that people are showing off finished pieces.  Not thumb-nail sketches, not outlines, not plans they might get around to finishing, but real-world embodiments of their artistic vision.

Your friends are great, that’s why they say such encouraging things to you, so do them the favor of showing them what you’re capable of, I’m sure they’d love to see you succeed.  But don’t use them to make yourself feel good without actually following up on what you said you were going to do.  So keep it to yourself, until you finish something you’re really proud of, and even if you’re not, we’re all still going to think its pretty cool.


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