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A few days ago my husband bought me a new cookbook.  He will live to regret this decision.  It was published in 1974 and I adore everything about it.  The photography is that particular, livid food photography of the decade and I don’t know if food has ever looked less edible.  It was a well-loved book, there are neat little check marks next to some of the recipes, and I can only assume that means they were either favorites or at least attempted.  While there are plenty of delightful comforting recipes, such as. . .

I swear, I can smell the butter

The deserts are too numerous for one blog post, but here’s my favorite.

christmas cake
sleigh, queen.

But punctuating all these nostalgiac dishes, there are some true horrors.

The amount of processing is just astonishing.  Compare this to any modern food blog, everything is so rustic and artfully done.  Heirloom tomatoes arranged on a slate, salmon with wild rice.  Basically, food that still looks like the thing that it was. . .  I have yet to see a cylindrical chicken. But there is one recipe that has kept me up at night.  Brace yourselves.

Ham. In. Peaches.
WHY.  And why does the lettuce look like old napkins?!

Ham. In. Peaches.  Not even fresh peaches.  Somehow, that’s the part that bothers me the most.  I shrieked when I saw this one for the first time, and my husband was horrified.  This brings us to the rather cryptic beginning of this post.  My husband will regret buying this book for me because I must know what some of these dishes are like to make and eat.  I will, in the future, make some of these recipes and surprise my husband with them, and make a note of his reaction and thoughts.  Given how horrified he was just by looking at the pictured, this should be pretty entertaining.

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  1. You have to tell us how your husband reacts to these horrific dishes!! Are you going to make the (truly monstrous!) ham stuffed peaches?! LOL. This book looks AMAZING!

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    1. My little sister actually took the time to text me about that specific recipe, so now I must make it! My poor husband, he’s not going to see it coming. . . muahahaha.

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      1. Haha! This is going to be horrible and awesome at the same time! Your poor husband! LOL.

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