Sewing Chores

Today I finished up a long over-due chore, making a pair of jeans.  Sewing corsets and gowns is all well and good, but for almost a year, I’ve been making do with a single pair of pants.  I finally had the cash to buy fabric and made a simple and serviceable pair of black jeans.  All, it took about two solid days of work, and I took the time to really learn how to put zippers in.  I won’t post any pictures because they’re very plain, but I am planning on making two flannel shirts from one of the 1970’s patterns I have.  Those should go together very quickly, and depending on the results, I will probably post pictures of the shirts.

Sewing necessities just isn’t as much fun as sewing something crazy, but at this stage, I feel like the practice is hugely beneficial.  I’ve tried to shift my perspective and think of every project, no matter how small as a chance to learn a little bit more about sewing and take that knowledge on to my crazier projects.

I have to admit, I was getting really tired of wearing my work clothes as regular clothes.  I should have made these pants sooner.  Plus, they fit so much better than anything I’ve ever bought!

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  1. Yay for jeans that fit! And by the way, I’d LOVE to see the jeans you made!! I haven’t been brave enough to sew pants yet, and I love seeing the pants and jeans that others have made – it sounds like you knocked it out of the park with your jeans! Sewing practical things can feel unexciting, but it’s so rewarding at the same time, and the perfect excuse to master new skills! I make practical things like pj bottoms and very basic gathered skirts a lot and while they may not be the most exciting things to make, they sure do get a lot of use! 🙂

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    1. I’ll probably get some pics of the jeans when I finish the 70’s shirt. I tell you what, these old patterns have some nasty surprises in them. They look so simple, but they can be misleading. . .

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      1. I’ve come across some real head scratching instructions and techniques in some of my vintage patterns, too! I’m working on a jumper dress right now that feels like it’s taking forever because some of the instructions have been confusing and difficult to wrap my head around – the pattern looked SO easy and basic, too! LOL. What problem have you come across?

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      2. The shirt seemed simple enough, but the cutting layout was infuriating. I had to cut out certain pieces, then refold, cut out two more, fold again and cut out the remaining three. It’s from the 70’s, and I know there was a fuel crisis, so maybe they may patterns to be as thrifty as possible? If I had read ahead, I would have just gotten the extra fabric and saved myself the headache!


      3. Wow, that sounds annoying and frustrating! I’m sure it will end up looking awesome, though!

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      4. Yeah, I just love the 70’s so much. I just can’t get away from that decade man. A good twenty years before my time but I love it.

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      5. I love the 70’s too! Such an awesome time for fashion! 🙂 Have you ever seen the episodes of The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys Mystery Hour (I believe it was called…) from the 70’s? They used to be on youtube and might still be. I SO wanted to raid the wardrobe department of that show! Nancy’s clothes were so awesome, I wanted everything she wore! LOL. Watching that show a year or two ago is what made me decide that I couldn’t wait anymore, I HAD to get a sewing machine! (I’d waited for years to buy one, like a dope!)

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      6. I can’t imagine waiting so long to get a sewing machine!


      7. I know, right? Why the heck did I wait so long?! LOL.

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