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I think telling people to skip over content is a sure-fire way to gain readership, don’t you?  This particular post is long and rambly, good luck, should you choose to read it.  Or you can skip to the end and answer my question, which I would greatly appreciate. 

I think I can safely say, already, that the maintenance of this blog has been hugely beneficial to me.  It has incentivized me to create more and write more than I would have done otherwise.  Being able to connect with people who enjoy the same things I do has been incredibly encouraging.

Part of the reason I started this blog was in reaction to social media.  I had grown to dislike Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.  They all have their uses, after all, but none of them help me further my goal.  Even though my goal continues to grow and evolve, I can safely say that social media wasn’t one of the tools I needed.

The other reason I started a blog was out of a curiosity that no one else had addressed to my satisfaction.  The internet is becoming more and more integral to modern life and has already had a huge impact on the arts, but how can it be used by artists to further their vision?  This is such an incredibly broad question, I know, but what I lack in mental acuity I make up for in tenaciousness.  That one question has broken down into a whole bunch of smaller questions.  If I was educated, I might call these hypotheses.

  1. Has the internet taken away the role of established galleries?  –  I didn’t really know much about the world without the internet, but it seems to me that there are artists now who are quite successful without once having a gallery show.
  2. What is the best way to use the internet to show off different kinds of art?  –  My definition of “art” is rather broad.  Traditional media, like paintings, drawing, and sculpture can all be photographed and shared easily in online galleries, but what about graphic novels, animations, clothing design, miniatures, and digital painting? Is there any one place that serves them all equally?  Or is it up to each artist to figure out what outlet gives them the best result?
  3. Finally, what is the best option for me?  I’ve never been entirely happy with static photography for some of the things I make.  The dimensionality of my papercuts always seems to disappear when photographed.  And what about the clothing I make?  Fashion photography is an art unto itself, but it doesn’t always convey how clothing moves and behaves.

I would love to try making video content for some of my projects.  If you have made it this far, please tell me in the comments if you think that’s a good idea, or even why you think it would be a bad idea.  If you want to make a really informed decision, feel free to look at the backlog of things I’ve made just in this blog.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. It’s funny – I was reading your questions and when I reached questions 3 my first thought was, “you should make videos!” and sure enough, asked us what we thought about you doing just that! Go for it! I think that videos would be a wonderful way to show the 3D aspects of the papercuts you make, and the clothing! I LOVE seeing how clothes move and behave! Definitely, definitely try making videos, they would be wonderful to see and are yet another art form that I think you will excel in, you wonderfully multi-talented woman you! 🙂


    1. Making videos is so nerve wracking for me, but I have to try it! I have to try everything for myself, and when I’m currious about something, I just can’t let it rest. I don’t know when I’m actually going to be able to start sharing videos, but I hope it will be very soon!

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      1. I know what you mean, I’m the same way when I’m curious about something! I’m really excited about you making videos, it will be so cool to see them! 🙂

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  2. Also – oh my gosh, is that a bunny with the typewriter?!? Is the bunny yours?!? SO CUTE!!

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    1. She was my bunny, but when we moved apartments she had to find a new home. We gave her to a friend who is an experienced rabbit owner, and she lives in a much nicer neighborhood than us now!


      1. Awww, I’m sorry to hear you had to give up your darling bunny, but I’m glad she’s with a friend! Do you get to visit her?


      2. Not really, they live pretty far away, but it makes me smile to know she’s got it so good.

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      3. Aww, it’s too bad she’s so far away, but I’m glad she’s with friends and in a good place. 🙂

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