1953 Dress

I made this dress quite a while ago, which is why I never thought to post it before now.  It’s a re-issue of a Butterick pattern from 1953.1953

It’s not obvious from the art, but it’s a fold-over dress, so there are no side seams.  An elastic band holds it at waist level in the back and then it buttons up in the front.  It’s pretty comfortable to wear, but without any side seams, it makes windy days very adventurous indeed.1953

You can’t tell, but I’m also wearing some vintage bakelite bangles.  I wear that same necklace at every opportunity.  I’m not sure what year it’s from, but I make it do with just about everything I own.

The only difficulty while making this pattern, which wasn’t even that difficult, was the fact that the pattern pieces were so large!  And like most 1950’s patterns, it is a fabric hog.  Five yards total.   But the A-line skirt is flattering on anyone, the details on the bust are to die for.  If you want a 1950’s outfit and can only get one pattern, I definitely recommend this one, just be prepared to man-handle yards and yards of material.



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  1. So pretty!!! It looks so much like the pattern illustration! 🙂

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