Productive Procrastination

Don’t I have real, useful projects to work on? Why yes, I do.  Don’t I have a ridiculous amount of work to do in order to meet a silly, self-imposed deadline? Naturally.  There’s only one thing that could divert me from all that.  1970s

Back to the 70’s!  I found this material and couldn’t say no.  Good thing I have towering stacks of vintage patterns to shuffle through, I found the perfect pattern in little more than an hour!

So maybe I don’t get my sewing chores done as quickly as I want, maybe my project is delayed slightly, but who cares?  It’s another 70’s look!

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  1. Emily Kitsch says:

    !!! That fabric is FABULOUS! Where on earth did you find it? It’s going to be perfect with this pattern! 🙂 Which view are you going to make? I’m so excited to see how this turns out!

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    1. It was a clearance fabric at Joann Fabrics, I just happened to look over as I was walking past to get something else. I *think* I’m going to make the view on the far right, but I haven’t made up my mind, haha.

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      1. Emily Kitsch says:

        Whichever view you make will look amazing! 😀 I wish we had Joann Fabrics in Canada! But I’m (hopefully) going fabric shopping today at our version of Joann’s – Fabricland. LOL. Hopefully I’ll be able to find something nice! It can be pretty touch and go.

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      2. I have such a love/hate relationship with Joann’s. Sometimes they have exactly what I need, sometimes they are a source of bitter disappointment. I consider myself lucky, however. The Joann’s here just got remodeled. The old store was so old and dilapidated, I didn’t do any sewing for about a year because they were the only fabric store in town and they didn’t carry anything useful.


      3. Emily Kitsch says:

        Sounds like my relationship with Fabricland! I’m glad to hear that your local Joann’s was finally remodeled! It must be a lot nicer now! Our Fabricland is in the basement of a tiny business building, and everything feels cramped even though it is a decent sized space, and it’s hard to find what you’re looking for – probably close to what your old Joann’s was like!


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