True Crime at a Leisurely Pace.


Are you a fan of true crime? Who isn’t!  Do you like listening to podcasts while you work on projects? Who doesn’t?  Are you curious about what people from El Paso sound like?  Weird, but okay. . .Well, do I have a podcast for you!

The Stack Pack is produced by some local guys who are die-hard fans of the show Unsolved Mysteries.  Every week they watch an episode (you can watch along if you have Amazon Prime) and discuss the episode.  These guys are so chill, even though I’ve never watched a single episode of Unsolved Mysteries, I still enjoy listening to the podcast while I’m working on my various sewing projects.  My buddy Cano is on the episode I have linked to.  I’m super excited about an upcoming episode Cano has told me about.  He’s going up to Roswell for the alien festival, and then he’ll be back on the podcast to talk about it.  I’m honestly so excited for that!

Fair warning, there is a bit of adult language on the show (especially episodes with Cano. . .)  but I honestly enjoy the show.  I’ll probably be catching up on older episodes while I work on my next miniature construction.  When I’m sewing from a certain decade I like to listen to music from that period, and since I’ll be remaking my little murder house model, it’s time for some true crime.

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