Chuco Town

A few months ago, I slapped some film in my old camera and headed downtown with my husband to take some pictures.  In a year, I won’t be living in El Paso anymore.  As that reality sinks in, I realize just how complicated my feelings are towards this city.  When I first got here, I couldn’t wait to leave.  While I’m very excited for whatever comes next, I can’t help but try to grab onto the good things and happy memories while they last.  There’s so much from this town that I want to hold onto.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of downtown El Paso.

The Abraham Chavez theater in the foreground, Ciudad Juarez in the background.
San Jacinto Plaza, the old Kress building to the right.
The Kress building sign, with the Caples Building in the background.
The blue building is the Royal Chinese Restaurant. I made a paper-cut art piece of this place. My husband and I went here for dinner one night. It was definitely, uh, food. I guess.
Formerly the American Furniture store. I’ve made a painting of the neon sign lower down on the building.
I just love the back of this building. I love the graffiti and I love how the sun hits it in the evenings.
Looking way down the street to the Camino Real hotel.

I won’t be sad to see the last of summers in El Paso.  Temperatures of 103 degrees and above mean that it doesn’t really get below 80 degrees inside my cave of an apartment.  And we’re the lucky ones.  There’s nothing but dirt below our crumbling floor, and right now no one lives above us making our apartment the coolest in the whole building.

I thrill at the idea of where El Paso will be in ten or fifteen years.  There’s so much potential here, and those who live here have a genuine love for their city.  I am confident that El Paso’s future is bright.

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