Finished! 1951 Halloween Dress

Ah! It feels good to be back!

This sewing project was such a breeze after the ordeal of the 1929 dress.  I needed a win.  It was so easy, there’s really nothing to report as far as construction.  Ah, but I am forgetting a little something. . .

This is what failure looks like.

Allow me to explain.  About halfway through sewing my Halloween dress, I got the idea that it would look that much better with an authentic, 1950’s bullet bra.  Off to the races!  I bought a pattern off Etsy and that’s where my good luck ran out.  I knew full well that I would have to move some stuff around to accommodate my measurements, but I had no idea how bonkers this process would get.  I won’t go into detail, but at one point I was gluing material directly to my skin in an attempt to make this damn thing work.  To my credit, it did come very close to working, but I think that I tip the scales from “underwire is suggested” to “underwire is entirely necessary”.  I learned a lot, primarily, that I will not attempt to make another bra on a whim.

Here’s the goods!


I swear, one of these days I’ll get a model to wear my clothes for me, and you won’t have to see me trying to remember how to smile.


This draped feature is the entire reason I got the pattern in the first place.  Boy, were the instructions vague.  Once again I am so glad I made a mock-up!  In addition to having to let it out a little in the butt (yay?) I spent days trying to figure out the details.  My older sister and I have a lot in common, and one of the things we both love dearly is all things Tiki.  As much fun as this dress is, I really want to modify it to make matching Tiki dresses for my sister and my self and I think this little drape feature will work beautifully.  That will be a sight to see!

I was thinking that I would save this post for closer to Halloween, but now that I’m done with this dress, I’ve already moved on to the next one, which means I’ve already completely lost interest in this dress.  I do plan on wearing it out to a few events, though.  Halloween is far an away my favorite holiday, and for the last few years, I’ve been making a nice Halloween themed outfit rather than a full-on costume.  Full disclosure, I have material to make one or two more Halloween outfits hiding in my closet.  Maybe I’ll have just enough time to make another outfit before the 31st. . .

Thank you for anyone who still reads my posts!  I know my output has slowed dramatically.  My husband graduates in about 8 months and the job hunt is in full swing.  I’m just trying to figure out how many projects I can make before it’s time to pack everything into our car.  We plan on making a cross-country move in a compact car, so saying we’ll be moving light is an understatement!

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  1. Emily Kitsch says:

    I love this dress and you look fabulous in it! 🙂 And you were so brave to take on the bullet bra project! I haven’t had the guts to take on bra making yet because it seems so daunting, especially the fit aspect – and that’s just a regular bra, making a bullet bra seems 1,000 times more daunting! I commend you for sticking it out as long as you did and trying so hard to make it work!

    Also, matching tiki dresses for you and your sister – what an amazing project! You should totally do it! And good luck with the cross-country move and everything involved with that, too!!


    1. Tilly Gibson says:

      I don’t know if you’ve ever vistited Spoonflower, but that’s where I’m going to go when it’s time to bust out the Tiki!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Joan Hughes says:

    This dress looks really good on you. That drape is lovely and that pop of orange is a wonderful touch.

    Liked by 1 person

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