Somebody Stop Me – When Pattern Shopping Goes Too Far.

I’ve purchased 5 patterns in the last month.  I need to calm down, obviously.  Someone freeze my bank account.I think it’s very telling that while I was struggling to finish my Halloween project I bought more patterns than I have in a while.  The last time I bought this many patterns was when I struck gold at the thrift store.  Now the challenge is to see how many of these I can finish before I move.  Without further ado, the goodies!

I have wanted to get into the 1910’s for such a long time, and I knew I had to start with the foundation!  I have purchased several reconstructed patterns, but this is the first one I am confident in recommending.  Scroop Patterns produced this pattern and I’m almost finished with mine!  I made very minor alterations to it, and the amount of information in the instructions is great.

I’ve wanted this one for a really long time.  Sleeves are never the first thing I look at in a pattern if I give them any thought at all.  So when I first saw this one I was intrigued.  I just had to wait several months for it to finally go on sale.


I promise you, this one will make sense in the context of the finished look.  I can’t help but giggle a little seeing this particular pattern snuggled in with all my antique and vintage patterns.  I’m guessing this one was taken out of print recently because I couldn’t find it anywhere but Etsy, where I was able to snap it up for $5.  Trust me on this one.

Back to the 1920’s!  I knew I’d be back! Ladies knickerbockers from 1923, and I’ve already got the material ready to go.  This pattern was a bit of an impulse buy, like the next one, which is very unusual for me.  I saw a picture of a girl wearing knickerbockers with a very stylish sweater vest and I just had to get a pair for myself!  I got a nice was cotton flannel, and now that things are definitely chilly here I should be able to get my use out of them, wouldn’t that be novel.  I’ll probably tackle these once I’m finished with the corset, but don’t quote me on that.


She’s a little damaged, and she was a little pricey, but I tell you, I have never made up my mind so quickly.  I am almost cripple my indecisiveness, but when I saw this pattern on Etsy last Saturday morning, I made up my mind before my toast was done.  According to the listing, this pattern is from 1946 and I revel in the glorious little details.  To me, this dress embodies all the beautifully subtle structure of the 1940’s that makes the decade so iconic.  The view on the left is sheer!  I cannot imagine anything more delicious.  My goal is to make this dress as finely finished as I can possibly manage.  I can’t wait to bring it back to life!  Part of the fun is that it is a used pattern.  My mind races trying to imagine who had it before me.  What kind of occasion called for such a great dress?  What did the finished work look like?  Perhaps we would have been friends, obviously, we have the same fabulous taste!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. retrodee says:

    Oh it’s so cute I can’t wait to see it done. The 1940’s fashions are my second favorite after 50’s.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tilly Gibson says:

      Haha, I may have bought the pattern quickly, but it’s gonna take me weeks fto figure out what material I want to use!


  2. Elena says:

    That dress!!! I am now officially jealous! 🙃

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Emily Kitsch says:

    Amazing patterns, I can’t wait to see you bring them to life! And I’m SO intrigued about what you’re going to do with Simplicity 8513 – I know whatever it is will be awesome! I LOVE the sleeves on view B!


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