Finished! 1910’s corset by Scroop Patterns.

This pattern was so easy, there’s almost nothing to report!

It’s also very cold in my apartment, I hope you don’t mind the house coat. Also, after Thanksgiving this corset is doing the Lord’s work.

This is a very comfortable corset to wear, though it is by far the hardest to lace up and tighten just right. I’m wearing my old chemise, which at this point is starting to look old an tatty. I know so much more about sewing and especially fabric, I am anxious to make a small set of combinations in the lightest material available. The muslin I used in this chemise feels so heavy and bulky, ugh.

I want to make an outfit from anywhere between 1909 (I have plenty in my big book of patterns) and 1915. I am currently in love with the looks of that period of time. I just think they’re so elegant.

Currently, however, I am lost in the 70’s. I feel like I have to go back to the 70’s in between every other project I do. It’s like a compulsion. If everything works out, I should have a new outfit for work! I had the idea at one point to see how many of my vintage patterns could be turned into work clothes, but I inevitably change my plans an end up making something that is either impractical or doesn’t fit the dress code.

Besides the work dress, I have two other projects that are very nearly finished! My worst sewing habit has to be that I can get a project 95% done, and then run off to start a new one. Hems, buttons, facings, they are my enemies.

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