Finished! More 1970’s Non-sense.

I had the exact idea for this dress about a year ago, when I first stumbled on this pattern.  I believe it was a part of the first or second batch of vintage patterns I found at my favorite thrift store.  

Spoiler alert:  I am not a size 12!

Has anyone else ever felt an instant attraction to a pattern?  I knew as soon as I saw this one that I would have to make it.  I have such a weakness for over-sized lapels!   Now, I am lucky to work somewhere with pretty loose dress code requirements (as much as it stresses me out on a near daily basis. . .)  As stressful, messy, and tiring as it can be, I do like to sometimes put in a little extra effort and wear something that I especially enjoy.   My work friends are all so incredibly supportive of my little hobby and their enthusiasm makes it that much more fun to be extra at work.  The only things I had to keep in mind were the hem length and the colors used.  Unless I misread the guidelines, I should be good!

Here’s my cosplay as a tired, overworked, chain-smoking 1970’s waitress.  (Don’t worry, Ma, the cig is a prop.)

They say that cosplay can be liberating because it allows you to be more of who you are through costume.  I don’t know that I’ve ever felt more true to myself.  In this photo I’m giving some pigeons side-eye in a back ally.   I feel like I could be in a Scorsese film and I love it.  

Details on construction.  This was more complicated than I anticipated!  I threw myself a curve-ball by insisting on piping every single seam.  I also couldn’t find ANY buttons that matched my green fabric, so I got the little domed metal ones and used the left-over scraps to make my own.  This is finicky work, so of course I had to go and make two extras just for the sleeves.  On the plus side, I’m really good at making my own bias tape and piping now.  

Bonus buttons! Puffy sleeves! Excessive amounts of piping!

Collars keep me humble.  For whatever reason, the corners on the left side of my collar came out perfectly, the right side. . . not so much.  I honestly love piping so much.  It’s a headache and a half, it adds so much time to a project, but I adore it and will probably use it more now that I’m so much more confident with it.  

The over-sized lapels are my favorite, but my second favorite part is this bit at the waist.  Unfortunately, I have to wear an apron at work so it will be all covered up.  Bummer.  (Edit: I made this dress out of an old bed sheet that I indented on using for a mock-up.  Shoulda followed that impulse. . . Still, that makes this one of the cheapest projects I’ve ever made.)

Ah, so moody.  I am planning on wearing this at work tomorrow, I hope it doesn’t get ruined!  I also hope that everyone like it and that upper management doesn’t have too many opinions.  I can tell you which one of those scenarios is most likely. . .

I have to close out this post by thanking my delightful husband for not only taking these pictures, but also getting me an actual camera as an early present!  I can’t wait to be taking better pictures for all of my projects, rather than taping my phone to the wall and hoping for the best.  

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  1. Emily Kitsch says:

    I LOVE this pattern and it’s one of the ones I’ve had on a list of patterns to track down and buy for ages now, it was so amazing seeing you bring it to life and you made me want to hunt it down even more! 😀 The photos are awesome and I love the overworked 1970’s waitress cosplay! Lol. How did the powers that be at work end up reacting to this glorious getup?


    1. Tilly Gibson says:

      The powers that be never got the chance to see it 😉 but all my friends think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever made. Some of my regular customers got a kick out of it too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ms. Kitsch says:

        Since I’ve been diving hard into 1970’s sewing, I HAD to come back to reread this post (and like it a second time with my new blog, ;)) and look at this dress again. It’s still so damned fabulous and that piping absolutely kills me. And those buttons! The lapels! God, all of it is amazing. I’m going to be going back to read more of your 70’s and 60’s posts now. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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