From the South West to the East Coast

I cannot imagine two places more different. Going from El Paso to the ‘burbs of D.C. has been a lot to wrap my head around. (Okay, sub-suburbs of D.C. but we still get affected by the morning traffic into D.C. so I think it counts.) Manassas, VA is itself a very quiet town and it’s funny not living downtown in a big city anymore. The apartment we’re living in now was built this century! I have windows that open, air conditioning that works! My bathtub doesn’t leak! No asbestos or black mold! It’s so spacious, the few pieces of shabby furniture we bothered to drag from Texas look woefully out of place. The one room that looks crowded happens to be my studio. A few trips to IKEA for storage and it’ll be neat and workable, I’m sure.

Aside from the usual necessities of setting up a new apartment, I got myself a very useful, totally practical housewarming gift.

New patterns!

Like I said, totally practical. I am in no way avoiding all the baby shopping I have yet to do, no ma’am.

The patterns in this book are from 1900 to 1906 and there are some gems that I haven’t really seen anywhere else.

Maternity? Perhaps?

Three tea gowns! I think they’re delightful and I haven’t seen patterns quite like these anywhere else.

There are also lots of evening gowns, more so than the other book, I believe.

By 1903, about halfway through the book, we’re in full blown S-curve and I adore it all. This book has more shirtwaist patterns than the previous book, more than I could photograph and share here.

If I had to pick a favorite, it’s probably this one right here. It’s so cheerful! I imagine it would be a delight to make! If I can find appropriately light material, I might have to knock this one together in time for our next family trip down to Florida. All I need is a hat and parasol and I would finally have enough coverage from the sun!

All I want to do is get back to sewing. I’ve talked before about how therapeutic sewing can be and with all the stress that this year has brought with it, I want nothing more than to find my way back to where I left off! There’s still a lot to figure out, in terms of the how’s and when’s, but I’m excited to face the challenges!

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  1. Joan Hughes says:

    So nice to “hear” your writing again! This was a fun read. Looks like a great book. I hope you’ll have many happy hours of sewing with it.

    Liked by 1 person

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