Letter to 2017

First of all, I want to thank you for teaching me so much more than I ever anticipated.  Yes, there were disappointments and struggles, but I think it’s safe to say it was all worth it.  I’m confident that I will be able to look back on our time together with fondness.  There were new…

Sewing Chores

Today I finished up a long over-due chore, making a pair of jeans.  Sewing corsets and gowns is all well and good, but for almost a year, I’ve been making do with a single pair of pants.  I finally had the cash to buy fabric and made a simple and serviceable pair of black jeans….

Home Cookin’

A few days ago my husband bought me a new cookbook.  He will live to regret this decision.  It was published in 1974 and I adore everything about it.  The photography is that particular, livid food photography of the decade and I don’t know if food has ever looked less edible.  It was a well-loved…

Two Party Dresses

I need to be invited to fancy parties, because where else could I possibly wear looks like these?

A Special Thank-You

Fair warning, a lot of feelings and emotions are discussed, this is a very personal essay, so if you just don’t need that in your life, sit this one out. I try to keep a running list of all the people I have to thank for my motivation to create and express.  Without these people,…