Preface to the New Dress

This post is all about why the 1929 dress took so long to complete.  If you enjoy other peoples’ misery, this is the post for you.  If you just want to look at the new dress, look at the post after this one.

Breadcrumbs: The Lies I tell Myself

In occasional fits of despair, I can be found lying face down on the floor grousing about how “I just want to make things, I just want to create something!”  You know what?  I don’t think that’s entirely true.  Furthermore, I think that mentality actually runs counter to being a creative type. I don’t want…

Chuco Town

A few months ago, I slapped some film in my old camera and headed downtown with my husband to take some pictures.  In a year, I won’t be living in El Paso anymore.  As that reality sinks in, I realize just how complicated my feelings are towards this city.  When I first got here, I…

True Crime at a Leisurely Pace.

  Are you a fan of true crime? Who isn’t!  Do you like listening to podcasts while you work on projects? Who doesn’t?  Are you curious about what people from El Paso sound like?  Weird, but okay. . .Well, do I have a podcast for you!