1953 Dress

I made this dress quite a while ago, which is why I never thought to post it before now.  It’s a re-issue of a Butterick pattern from 1953.

Breadcrumbs: Ways and Means

I think telling people to skip over content is a sure-fire way to gain readership, don’t you?  This particular post is long and rambly, good luck, should you choose to read it.  Or you can skip to the end and answer my question, which I would greatly appreciate. 

Letter to 2017

First of all, I want to thank you for teaching me so much more than I ever anticipated.  Yes, there were disappointments and struggles, but I think it’s safe to say it was all worth it.  I’m confident that I will be able to look back on our time together with fondness.  There were new…

Sewing Chores

Today I finished up a long over-due chore, making a pair of jeans.  Sewing corsets and gowns is all well and good, but for almost a year, I’ve been making do with a single pair of pants.  I finally had the cash to buy fabric and made a simple and serviceable pair of black jeans….

Home Cookin’

A few days ago my husband bought me a new cookbook.  He will live to regret this decision.  It was published in 1974 and I adore everything about it.  The photography is that particular, livid food photography of the decade and I don’t know if food has ever looked less edible.  It was a well-loved…