Breadcrumbs: The Joy in the Media

This is one of my standard rants.  Anyone who has spent too much time around me will have heard it already, but this idea continues to inform my decision-making process.

Breadcrumbs: Pain Management

Pain is important.  I remember my mom trying to explain this to me.  Pain lets us know that something is very wrong, and we need to take action to keep it from getting worse.  Our natural reaction to pain is to seek out relief.

Breadcrumbs: Inspiration

Inspiration isn’t here for you, you have to chase after it and take it wherever you can find it.  I have given up on waiting for inspiration, I go looking for it, and here are some reliable hunting grounds:

Breadcrumbs: Keep It To Yourself

Nobody wants to hear about your plans.  If you have nice friends,  they’ll do a pretty good job of feigning interest.  They’ll say stuff like, “Oh wow that sounds cool!” or, “Man, I can’t wait to see that!”.  But they’ll never get to see “that” because you just got what you came for and didn’t…

Breadcrumbs: Realization

This particular crumb is more for personal use, dunno how useful it could possibly be to anyone else. I have just finished my most ambitious project yet, and all it has done is made me realize that I don’t know nearly as much as I thought.  I’m stuck in this terrible place between “beginner” and…