Announcement of the Decade(s)

I want to go ahead and share a project that I’ve been working on for a while, and plan to work on in the future.  When I’m sewing or researching for a new project I love to listen to music from the time I’m working in.  Music has always played an important part in my…

Breadcrumbs: Grind

Hustle, grind, embrace the suck, making your bones.  Learning how to put in the work has been one of the most beneficial practices I’ve learned yet, (though by no means perfected).  Hard work on its own is no guarantee.  Look at the lives of just about any artist, musician, or writer.  Chances are, there were…

Breadcrumbs: Crop-Cycling/2018 Project Rubric

Crop-cycling is a practice that allows farmers to keep their land healthy.  Growing the same crop in the same field over and over again tends to deplete the nutrients in the ground, resulting in poorer and poorer produce.  By changing the kinds of crops grown in a field, farmers are able to optimize the land…

Breadcrumbs: Ways and Means

I think telling people to skip over content is a sure-fire way to gain readership, don’t you?  This particular post is long and rambly, good luck, should you choose to read it.  Or you can skip to the end and answer my question, which I would greatly appreciate. 

Breadcrumbs: The Joy in the Media

This is one of my standard rants.  Anyone who has spent too much time around me will have heard it already, but this idea continues to inform my decision-making process.