1940’s Project

Day one in Florida and I’ve already been dragging the antique stores. For what it’s worth, Homer Helter’s Antique and Millitary Mall in Naples is great.  I wish I could go back!  I found two cookbooks and some buttons, and one of the cookbooks has a hidden gem that has given me an idea… Inside…

Home Cookin’

A few days ago my husband bought me a new cookbook.  He will live to regret this decision.  It was published in 1974 and I adore everything about it.  The photography is that particular, livid food photography of the decade and I don’t know if food has ever looked less edible.  It was a well-loved…

November 28, 2017

I have been sick all week but that doesn’t matter anymore, you know why? My new pattern came in the mail!  Part two of my on-going, probably never completed project.

1955 Life Magazine

I adore ads from the 50’s.  They’re so optimistic.  Every product is life-changing and full of promise.