Two Party Dresses

I need to be invited to fancy parties, because where else could I possibly wear looks like these?

1955 Life Magazine

I adore ads from the 50’s.  They’re so optimistic.  Every product is life-changing and full of promise.

1970’s Mom Outfit

Let the record show that I have finished The Mom Outfit!  I tried to take pictures, but my light was running out and I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to take more.  Until then, here’s one shot I managed in the dying light.  It’s so comfortable and I love everything about it.  It’s a little bit…

1970 Simplicity

This pattern is from 1970 and I adore the whole look.  I just have to get my hands on some polyester and hot rollers.  I found stacks of vintage patterns, most of them from the 60’s and 70’s and I want to make every single one of them.  I love Edwardian fashion because of its…