Breadcrumbs: Keeping up Appearances.

I am a shy person, genuinely. This often surprises people, because in social settings conversation comes easily to me. I don’t act like an introvert in social settings, so I can’t be one, surely? What people don’t see are the hours and sometimes days of dread I feel leading up to any kind of social…

A Months Over-Due Update.

First of all, my profoundest apologies for going dark for so long. I think more has happened in the last four months that the previous four years. All of the hard work and longs nights are finally paying off. My husband graduates in May, and two days after that we’re flying out of El Paso,…

This Is A Test

  I’m back! And I’m finally getting a handle on making videos. I think. . . There is a huge learning curve for me when it comes to tech.

It’s a Disaster

No fun pictures this time, just a boring update, I miss posting here. First, the disaster. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday.  Not just because of the candy and the dress-up, oh no, I was a macabre child.  “Nightmare Before Christmas” was my favorite movie, even though it scared me so badly.  For my…

Preface to the New Dress

This post is all about why the 1929 dress took so long to complete.  If you enjoy other peoples’ misery, this is the post for you.  If you just want to look at the new dress, look at the post after this one.